This course is the first step into Technical Diving and taught as a combination course. The course involves 6 dives down to 150’ using doubles and a stage cylinder for decompression. The diver will also learn how to deploy lift bags, conduct valve shutdown drills, and establish GREAT buoyancy characteristics.

Graduates are able to manage high-test Nitrox (40% plus) including pure oxygen responsibly paying attention to special equipment and component requirements, handling considerations, and cylinder markings. They are able to grasp the concept and importance of Central Nervous System oxygen toxicity tracking – (CNS clock) – have the ability to calculate MOD’s without reference to tables for different ppO2 and fO2s; and have been introduced to the criteria for “Advanced Nitrox” equipment selection and configuration.

Graduates are able to make informed decisions to undertake dives outside the NDLs (as per US Navy and DCIEM tables) and manage the increased risks associated with these dives based on best practice information, limitations of training, limitations of knowledge, and “objective” assessment of personal limitations. You will leave this class with a basic understanding of staged decompression practice (ascent behavior) and decompression theory. Students should understand the concept and constraints of staged decompression obligation; the use of multiple gases to optimize a decompression schedule; advanced equipment selection and clean gear configuration (since deco diving is overhead environment diving). In addition, they will be versed in basic contingency planning with a particular focus on overhead gas management techniques.

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures is the foundation of technical diving – all other courses will build on the knowledge and skills learned during these courses.

This is a two-day course and consists of 6 dives.

Prerequisites for this course are:

  • 18 years old.
  • Nitrox Certified.
  • Advanced Diver Certification (or equivalent).
  • 25 logged dives.

The following equipment is recommended to bring to the Advanced Nitrox Diver Decompression Procedures class.

If you do not have the equipment needed it can be rented during the class. During our conversations let us know what you need and we can provide a package rental price. If you prefer to purchase the equipment we can offer a 10% discount before, during or 30 days after you take the course. 

  • Dual Cylinders
  • Stage Bottle (at least 30 cubic ft) w/regulator
  • 50 lb Lift bag with dump
  • Dive Reel
  • 7ft Primary Regulator Hose

Cost: $900 – The price includes: all books and course material, registration, and diving gases.

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