This course will train successful candidates in the basic skills necessary for participation in limited open water public safety diving activities. The ERD I diver will be able to operate as a team member and support person within a dive team organization. This course is the first step that is recommended for all teams and their members. It is the building block to developing an organized team and operating safely as one unit.

Prerequisites for this course are:

  • Open Water Diver.
  • CPROX (CPR/Oxygen) certified.
  • CPR 1st (CPR / First Aid).
  • Be a minimum age of eighteen (18).
  • The ERD instructor may require a review of basic SCUBA skills to ensure that the candidates can safely complete this course.
  • 4 person minimum is required to train for this course. 10 person maximum unless the instructor is notified in advance to arrange for additional trainers.

Cost: $350 – The price includes: books and registration.

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