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This ERDI course enables the public safety diver to develop detailed knowledge and advanced skills in emergency response diving. Among the topics covered are manner of death, physiological changes a submerged body undergoes, mechanics of drowning, handling of remains environmental issues, encapsulation, full face mask and drysuit use. As part of the certification requirements during the six dives, students will also master drysuit and full face mask skills.

Prerequisites for this course are:

  • ERD I (or equivalent).
  • Be a minimum age of eighteen (18).
  • CPR/Oxygen (or equivalent).
  • CPR/First Aid (or equivalent).
  • 10 or more logged Public Safety dives.
  • 4 person minimum is required to train this course. 10 person maximum unless instructor is notified in advance to arrange for additional trainers.

Cost: $400 – The price includes: books, and registration.

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