Hoodsport ‘N Dive is best described as a destination dive resort. Because many of our customers travel to the area it is likely that they will need to borrow equipment. We carry an entire complement of SCUBA related equipment: wetsuits, drysuits, regulators with Nitrox-compatible computers, BC’s, tanks (with air or Nitrox fills), weights, fins, hoods, gloves, booties, lights, masks and even snorkels.

–      We have top of the line gear that is always being updated.

–      We offer Zeagle weight integrated BC’s.

–      Variety of masks to ensure the proper fit.

–      We have both aluminum and steel tanks in a variety of sizes.

–      We have a full size run of Whites Fusion drysuits and undergarments to fit any size person.

–      Our Fins come with spring straps for your convenience.

~ Rental Prices ~

Cylinders W/ Air   $16.00 (Add $3 for EANx)
**Add $3.00 for cylinders over 80cf
Regulator / W Octopus   $20.00
Wrist Computer   $10.00
Wetsuit   $20.00
Hood / Gloves / Booties / Mask   $10.00
Weight Belt   $10.00
Weights up to 36lbs   $10.00
Buoyancy Compensator   $25.00
Fins   $10.00
Full Wetsuit Package   $80.00
Drysuit   $100.00
Full Drysuit Package   $160.00
Undergarment   $25.00
Light   $10.00

Call or send us an E-mail at info@hoodsportndive.com to talk about your needs and get you set up.