Full Surface Supply Air Diving

Yellow House / HSND 23891 N US HIGHWAY 101, HOODSPORT

To begin the Full surface supply air diving program contact or call/text her at 360-489-9005. She must speak with you before proceeding forward as this is a Unique class This program takes a diver with no experience; begins with Open Water SCUBA certification and ends with 2.5 days of Surface Supplied Diving experience. The diver gains all of the knowledge necessary to safely perform dives using surface supplied air equipment. The course is completed in a timely manner because the student stays at our training facility where they eat together, study together and dive together during the entire course. This teaching technique ensures the diver is not distracted and can focus… Read More

Surface Supply Air Tender Course

Yellow House / HSND 23891 N US HIGHWAY 101, HOODSPORT

The Surface Supply Air Tender Course is specifically designed to train anyone working in a surface supplied diving environment to act as a competent Surface Tender. This is a non-diving course, designed for surface personnel. The student will learn to outfit a surface supplied diver, safely lower them into the water, tend the lines, communicate with the diver, remove them from the water and remove their equipment. Please contact Darnell to speak with her about the process and pricing call/text 360-489-9005

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