Solo Diver Certification

Yellow House / HSND 23891 N US HIGHWAY 101, HOODSPORT

Course cost $ , or a staff member will get in touch for a $50 non-refundable deposit that gets you the on-line code. We e-mail the code and you do the work before class.The class is being held January 9, 2021 at the yellow house in Hoodsport (our new store location). We have everything we need to repair or purchase required equipment.Class will start at 0900 and we should be completed by 4 p.m.Link to the house - is one surface skill – the ability to swim 600 feet on the surface in your full SCUBA gear. Good fins makes this much easier.Equipment – you will need to supply… Read More


Trimix Class

Yellow House / HSND 23891 N US HIGHWAY 101, HOODSPORT

After taking the Trimix Class graduates are able to make dives requiring long decompression stops and needing expedition quality contingency plans. They are comfortable making advanced equipment selection and know how to configure and manage additional gear to function well on long dives in local conditions. This gear will include two sling / stage cylinders containing decompression gases. They also fully understand water behaviors dictated by use of helium in breathing mixes; are competent using complex gas management calculations and have the ability to create, manage and modify complex decompression schedules and apply them as appropriate to the dive conditions. Graduates should also be familiar with the correct procedures for… Read More

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