Hoodsport N’ Dive provides equipment and training services to commercial harvesters, public safety and technical divers. 

We provide equipment, commercial, technical, public safety, and instructor training for divers in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest diving offers unique challenges, be prepared to meet those challenges by scheduling with one of our highly trained professional instructors. Hello world this is the first page I have written in a long long time and I cannot wait to share the experience with all of you about the development of HoodSport and Dive. This place is gorgeous for diver around the world that want to experience diving in the sea. It is not technically the see but it can be count as one of those.

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We are a cottage industry servicing Commercial harvesters, Public safety divers, Professional instructor level training, and Technical dive training. We do not have normal hours but answer every call through a 24-hour answering service. Leave a message of your needs and we can meet you at our TRAINING FACILITY, or travel to your location. We might be on-site, but we recommend you call before traveling to our location. 

We carry most equipment needed for commercial harvesting. We offer professional training classes for Technical, Public Safety, and Instructor level courses.

We continue to offer services to assist our clients: Repairs, cylinder inspections, gear service and specialized products.

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