Ron Ault

Ron Ault started filling tanks in a propane and espresso stand in Potlatch and then moved to the old shop north of Hoodsport. He later moved to the present dive shop in 2008. He brings with him years of experience underwater, first diving mud holes in central Texas as a kid. He grew up and moved on to salvage diving in the navy and joined the prestigious Navy Experimental Diving Unit in its early days. He was the first person to dive below 1000 feet in the open ocean. What's it look like down there? Much like the concrete floor of the dive shop, he says, but with a real soft bottom.

After leaving the navy, Ron took some underwater jobs in construction and salvage and did an exciting stint in the sewers of New York City. He came to Washington state in 1975 and started a long career in commercial harvesting of geoducks, urchins and sea cucumbers. He figures he's walked the entire bottom of the state's inland waters down to about 70 feet and much of the open coast as well.

In 1995 Ron returned to his roots of scuba diving at Hoodsport 'N Dive. He's even started wearing a BC, and is using fins again. He hasn't slowed down on telling sea tales and he's usually ready to tell you one anytime the shop's not too busy.


Don Kinney

Don Kinney is the owner and lead instructor for Hoodsport 'N Dive and Cylinder Training Services (CTS). Don began recreational diving in 1985 in Colorado and took his first warm water vacation in Akumal Mexico. He moved from Advanced Nitrox to Trimix and took any class he could find to gain knowledge in this area. After completing his Advanced Trimix classes he decided to take the leap into the recreational / technical professional levels. He started off as a recreational dive instructor and over time became a Trimix instructor trainer.

In 2001, while working in Hoodsport, Washington on the Hood Canal, Don started teaching commercial harvest divers in open water diving and then teamed up with Ron Ault and began a full service instruction program of Surface Supplied Air diving (SSA). The training program expanded and went from the hood canal area to the broader area of western Washington. Hoodsport’N dive has the privilege of training members of many Northwest tribes including: Skokomish, Tulalip, Swinomish, Lummi, Puyallup, Port Gamble, Jamestown and Squaxin (to name but a few of our many native American tribes). Most recently Don has expanded the SSA training to not only include commercial harvesters, but to other people and teams using surface supplied equipment.

Darnell Foskett (Commercial accounts):

It is my responsibility to find students to train to become commercial harvesters and to arrange REFRESH classes to ensure safe practices for Surface Supplied Air diving. I arrange Mobile Sales to bring our products to the harvesters to keep them safe and equipped for the job. With my team I can arrange to repair or replace equipment as needed using our technicians at our store’s 2 locations.

I can be seen at our stores assisting as needed, present at SSA classes serving as

Surface support and out checking in with our valued commercial clients.

Phillip Berg was a happy child until the tragic untimely deaths of his father and mother Thomas and Martha on a night out to the theater... Oh wait that was Batman!

Phil is a Paramedic in the local community and lives in Shelton with his wife and daughter.

Phil learned to dive in 2013 when he was a member of the American Ambulance Rescue team in Fresno California. Phil spent many years responding to 911 calls for rescue and training new members. In 2009 Phil moved back to Washington to be closer to family and continued to dive for fun. Phil joined the team at Hoodsport'n'Dive in the summer of 2015 and has progressed to the level of Divemaster. He assists Instructors with teaching classes as well as leading guided dives and helping divers with skill enhancement.

Sarah Redden joined the Hoodsport'N Dive team to try and make everyone's life less complicated! She primarily spends her days in Hoodsport issuing dive certs, keeping cylinders and valves clean and safe, keeping everyone's suits leak-free, and working to ensure that what people need is there when they need it. Sarah is also a part of the Cylinder Training Services team, answering questions, processing orders and assisting in the coordination of Visual Inspection Procedure Classes. Interested in one? Give her a ring! She loves a solenoid valve coil with the correct voltage and hates the color blue.
  Sydney Longfellow - Vendor and order expert. Sydney ensures she finds the best products at the best price. She then makes sure they are received and provided to the customer as soon as possible
  Luke Mirabel - Head of sales and customer service. Luke works weekends and is knowledgeable and happy to help customers pick the best product for the best price
  Gabriel Houston - Accounts executive. makes sure bills are paid and invoices processed in a timely manner
  Makayla Ergler - Sales and customer service


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