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Don KinneyDon Kinney is the owner and lead instructor for Edmonds Technical Diving Services (ETDS). Don began recreational diving in 1985 in Colorado and took his first warm water vacation in Akumal, Mexico. Don is a police officer who is certified in both Arizona and Washington. He began his public safety diving career in Arizona when he joined a public safety dive team in 1991 working in the waters of Lake Mohave and the Colorado River. While in Arizona he gained extensive experience in working swift water and near zero visibility in fresh water lakes. He took his first Underwater Investigation course from Robert Teather and has dedicated his life to Public safety diving and Underwater investigations.

In 1995 Don moved from the warm desert of Arizona to the cooler weather of Washington State. In Washington, Don continued his recreational diving career and became interested in Technical Diving. He moved from Advanced Nitrox to Trimix and took any class he could find to gain knowledge in this area. After completing his Advanced Trimix classes he decided to take the leap into the recreational / technical professional levels. He started off as a recreational dive instructor and over time became a Trimix instructor trainer.

While expanding his recreational and technical instructor levels, he continued to be employed as a public safety diver. He was placed in charge of his police dive team in 1997 and holds this position to this day. During his time as the team leader, Don has developed the team’s Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) manual, as well as, the manual on operation of the public safety boat.

In 2001, while working in Hoodsport, Washington on the Hood Canal, Don started teaching commercial harvest divers in open water diving and then teamed up with Ron Ault and began a full service instruction program of Surface Supplied Air diving (SSA). The training program expanded and went from the Hood Canal area to the broader area of western Washington. ETDS and Hoodsport ’N dive have the privilege of training members of many Northwest tribes including: Skokomish, Tulalip, Swinomish and Squaxin. Most recently Don has expanded the SSA training to not only include commercial harvesters, but to other people and teams using surface supplied equipment.

Don has never slowed down. In 2006 he took the next step of becoming a partner in a dive store, Hoodsport’N Dive. With his partner, Ron Ault, Hoodsport’N Dive moved from a tiny single compressor shop with one employee to a two compressor shop employing 5 people.

Don transferred his years of public safety diving experience into his knowledge as an Emergency Response Diving Instructor with ERDI (Emergency Response Diving International). He has trained numerous teams and feels he has improved the quality of each diver, as well as, improving overall team safety. One of his greatest accomplishments was training a team of Public Safety divers in Indonesia. His skills helped a young dive team become more comfortable in the water and safer as divers.

In 2011 Don was honored by being asked to participate as an advisor for SDI/TDI/ERDI. As part of the Training Advisory Panel (TAP) Don consults with the development and maintenance of standards and materials. He assists with quality assurance investigations, reviews and outcomes; and he consults during the reviews of “unique” specialties submitted by instructors.

Don has had the privilege of working closely with William High, the developer of Professional Scuba Inspectors (PSI). During his time with PSI, Don developed training programs for their Fire Fighter SCBA program and the training program for Eddy Current devices. In 2013 Don took his extensive knowledge in cylinder inspection and developed Cylinder Training Services (CTS). CTS is designed to help people who deal with high pressure cylinders, frm the inspection to the filling process. With CTS he also designed a full line of affordable inspection tools. CTS has been taught to numerous organizations including: Bellagio Cirque Du Soleil divers, Fire Departments, commercial dive schools and recreational dive facilities. He continues actively training divers and non-divers in the proper procedures for cylinder inspections through the CTS training program.

Don prides himself on his unique diving experiences and the ability to take those experiences to train others. He understands that not every diver learns the same way, but each person has unique qualities and strengths. Those qualities and strengths can be used to improve both an individual’s diving skills and their participation as a diving team member.

Alex FoskettAlex was certified as a scuba diver in high school and actively dove in Monterey Bay and the Channel Islands prior to starting a family. His adventures included competitive (breathhold) spear fishing, deep diving and research diving at UCSB. He reconnected with his passion for scuba diving in 2004 logging over 1000 dives since then (most of them in a dry suit), including technical dives, tropical dives and fresh water scientific dives.

Prior to becoming an instructor Alex served as the lead Divemaster at Edmonds Technical Diving Services for recreational and technical diving classes.

Alex began instructing in 2008 and has certified over 200 students in disciplines including: Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Dry Suit, Night, Navigation, Buoyancy Control, Deep, Rescue, Divemaster and Solo Diving. In 2011 Alex participated in the training of the Emergency Response diving team at the PT Inco copper mine in Sorowako Indonesia.

Alex has a BS in Biology with an emphasis in marine life and a California State Teaching Credential - both of which he applies to his SCUBA instruction, adapting his teaching to students' learning styles. He has a passion for diving and for diving instruction and takes his responsibility as an instructor seriously, adhering strictly to the requirements of SDI, reading widely on the subject of diving and participating in ongoing personal training. His goal is to be a resource for his students and former students to address questions about scuba diving, dive travel, the purchase of equipment and other topics of concern to them.

Justin BehrensJustin Behrens is a part-time instructor for Edmonds Technical Diving Services. Justin starting diving in 2006 when he was recruited by his fire department to be a public safety diver for the water rescue team. Justin had been trained in Swift water rescue, Crime scene investigation and is a Oregon and Nationally Registered Paramedic. Justin started working as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2005 and is currently the training officer for his fire department water rescue team.

Justin has lived in Oregon most of his life with a 4 year break while he was in the US Navy and served as a Hospital Corpsman. After leaving the Navy he started volunteering as a firefighter and was quickly hired into a full time position. Justin fell in love with diving and quickly moved through the ranks of the water rescue/dive team and through the ranks of recreational diving. Always looking for a challenge he started taking technical diving classes and then looked to challenge himself as SDI Instructor.

Justin enjoys traveling in his off time from the fire department. He has been diving all over the world including Mexico, Australia, Belize, Fiji, Florida Keys, British Columbia, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Grand Turk and Tonga. Will all the places that he has traveled he still enjoys teaching and diving in the beautiful Puget Sound. Justin always is planning his next dive trip to a new exotic location around the world and loves to be challenged with new diving experiences. His current passions are cave and wreck diving.

Justin loves to teach new students that are looking to experience the amazing world that SCUBA diving opens up. He also likes to work with experienced divers that are looking to expand there knowledge and challenge themselves to learn new skills. Justin currently teaches Open Water, Advanced Adventure, Rescue Diver, Wreck, Deep, Dry Suit, Search & Recovery, Nitrox, Night-Limited Visibility, Navigation, Advanced Buoyancy, Boat, Shore and Beach Diving. He also teaches various CPR and First Aid classes. For the people that are looking to take the next step to the professional level classes Justin will help people through the Dive Master and Assistant Instructor Programs.

My name is Steve DeGarmo. I have lived in Washington most of my life and have loved every minute of it. I became certified in 2007 in Hoodsport and have not looked back since. Our diving in the Pacific Northwest is simply amazing.

I have continued with my diving education over the last almost 9 years. I am certified through advanced trimix as an open circuit diver, as well as advanced trimix rebreather diver. I equally love both rebreather and open circuit diving, they both have their place! I have been exploring our pacific northwest wrecks, walls, and amazing life for many years on both. I decided that instructing is something that I would love to do. I really would love to share my personal love of diving with others. I am an AP Diving rebreather instructor as well as an Open circuit instructor. Whether someone is ready to learn to dive for the first time, or expand their skills in continued education, I would love to help. Want to learn diving on a rebreather and don’t have one? I have rebreather units to get you certified on! I Live in Everett, so I can be the north connection for Hoodsport ’N Dive. Let’s get out and dive!!

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