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NITROX replaces some of the nitrogen a diver absorbs with extra oxygen. As long as the depths are conducive with the amount of extra Nitrogen, NITROX is a very beneficial gas for harvest divers. NITROX can either reduce some risks of nitrogen absorption or extend the amount of bottom time for a commercial harvester. Some extra time in the water can equate to a greater rate of return on the product. It saves multiple trips to the same area.

Providing NITROX to the diver using surface supplied equipment can be expensive. There are numerous systems on the market: partial pressure blends, large storage bottles, de-Nitrogenated air to produce an unlimited supply of NITROX, at a high initial cost. Our method of choice is to provide continuous flow through the compressor using an oxygen bottle with the regulator.

Hoodsport’N Dive has developed a relatively inexpensive continuous flow blending system for your current compressor. We install a custom made blending stick at the compressor inlet. Oxygen flows to the blending stick through a single OR dual-stage oxygen regulator, controlled by the tender. 

An analyzer, at the blending stick, confirms the amount of oxygen going into the blending stick. As the Enriched air goes through the system, it will eventually enter the umbilical line. We install a second analyzer prior to entering the umbilical so the tender can inform the diver of the NITROX blend they will be breathing. The diver informs the tender of their working depth. Those two pieces of information help ensure a safe NITROX dive.

The Hoodsport’N Dive system incorporates dual oxygen analyzers, blending sticks, and safety valves to ensure pure oxygen does not flow into the compressor.

We can sell the components to the operator or make arrangements for Installation by Hoodsport’N Dive staff. The cost of the system is dependent upon the location of installation. The staff will set up the system on the boat, with the boat owner’s assistance and recommendations. The Hoodsport Staff will then train the owner on the proper operation of the blending system.