This entry-level certification course is designed to give students the necessary skills to conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of an instructor. We have two teaching techniques:

  • The first uses the traditional pool then open water curriculum. The course can last one or two weeks depending on pool availability and schedules. The students and staff meet at a pool for the first few training sessions, then switch to an open water environment where they complete 4 dives below 20 feet.
  • The Second option (our most popular) does not utilize a pool. Over three days we do all our confined water and open water work in the Hood Canal or other suitable dive training location. The student uses all the equipment for northwest diving at every stage of their instruction.

At the successful completion of either option the student will receive an open water certification card through SDI.

There are two ways to take the classroom portion of the Open Water Scuba Diver Course:

On-line: Contact Hoodsport’N Dive and we will provide you with an on-line access code. You register with SDI through the internet and begin taking the course using your computer at your pace. Your progress is monitored by the instructor through the website. When the course is completed you meet with the instructor, go over the questions and then begin your diving adventure.

Manual / DVD Program: You are given a manual and a CD/DVD which you install on your computer. You then complete the required sections and fill in the IQ review form. When you are completed you meet with the instructor who goes over the form to ensure your understanding of using SCUBA. You then begin your diving adventure.

The price includes: all books and course material, registration, and  rental equipment. The student must provide their mask, fins, snorkel and booties. Packages are available at both store locations and the student keeps these items at the conclusion of the program.

Cost: 4 or more people – $450. (PRIVATE LESSONS – $800)