Simple diver to topside communication unit. The system uses a speaker/microphone in the oral nasal of an Interspiro AGA Divator mask. Wires then connect the diver to topside/tender communications. Simple, yet effective means of communication using an umbilical or search line configuration.

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FITS: AGA Divator Full Face Mask (positive and non-positive pressure)

Surface supplied divers, using umbilical or search lines, can communicate with topside/tender through a low voltage communication system. Our custom assembly uses a simple single microphone/speaker assembly mounting inside the oral nasal assembly. The diver is able to hear and speak through this single unit. Its simple and effective, but you are unable to isolate the sounds from the diver to tender.

It’s easy to replace a failing communication (speaker/microphone)  by removing two screws and inserting a replacement microphone into the assembly.  For replacement you cut out the failing unit, strip the outer sheath of your communication cable back 1″ and then strip bare the two communication wires by 1/4″.  Insert each bare wire into the new wire end receivers and crimp. Avoid any exposed metals to ensure the clear communications without interruptions. For the minimal cost of a replacement speaker/microphone, you are back to work within a short time with minimal tools.