Stainless steel dual filtration system designed specifically for Surface Supplied Air (SSA) dive operations.

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Compressor Filtration System – SSA Air Filter housing set. complete 2-part unit designed specifically for Surface Supplied Air diving operations. Made of Stainless steel with drain ports. One way valve (AWG valve) with 3/4″ inlet NPT Port. Comes with mounting brackets and filter changing tool. This dual system helps dry the air in chamber #1. Then chamber #2, which contains the charcoal filter, helps reduce odors and that musty smell. An integral part of any SSA compressor system since the compressor lacks the ability to reduce moisture going into the umbilical lines. the unit comes with filters. Don’t forget to change the filters on a regular basis to prevent molds and mildews.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 20 in