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Composite (Fire Department) Visual Inspection

The SCBA is a life support piece of equipment and must be inspected with a great deal of care. The CTS course is designed to teach the student how to examine the attached cylinder and ensure it is safe . Emphasis is placed on the external inspections of composite cylinders which follow, and exceed, the NFPA guidelines. The course also covers internal inspections and the procedures to follow if damage or contamination is located within composite or oxygen cylinders.

The CTS course places emphasis on the care and maintenance of the composite cylinder. The course covers dangers to avoid, and techniques to discover difficult to locate damage. We introduce innovative new tools to help the inspector locate and isolate potentially harmful cylinders.

The CTS course does not limit itself to just the composite cylinder. Facilities use all types of cylinders; from the steel storage cylinders to the oxygen cylinders on the aid and medic units. No matter what type of cylinder is used by the facility, CTS will instruct the student how to care for and inspect each style. The student will have the knowledge to return to their departments and ensure a safe and effective system is in place to inspect and care for all the cylinders in a facility.

CTS has been teaching Fire Departments in the care and maintenance of composite cylinders since 2005. During this time we have worked closely with dozens of fire departments and developed courses specific to their needs.

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Cost: $275

$225 – Discounted price for students who have had and can show previous cylinder inspection training (CTS/PSI/SDI or equivalents) 

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