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Training Courses

Hoodsport ‘N Dive has been training commercial harvest divers since the early 1990’s. We offer  courses for a person wishing to become a commercial harvester or non-diving tender. We pride ourselves on safety and teaching to the style of the student. We are able to take an individual with no harvest experience and make them a safe, capable Surface Supplied Tender and/or Diver.


We do not teach harvesting. We teach persons to be safe while harvesting or tending to a harvester.


The students spend their training time with us at our TRAINING FACILITY. We ensure their comfort while they stay focused on this intensive training program. Since everything is done on-site, the student has minimal outside distractions and can focus on course work. 


The Harvest diver will begin by learning basic open water SCUBA skills with extra training in Nitrox and drysuit diving. Hoodsport ‘N Dive also trains the student in emergency procedures such as Oxygen administration, First aid, CPR and the use of an AED.


At the completion of the SCUBA program the diver moves into the Surface Supplied diving experience.


The diver uses their knowledge gained in the SCUBA program and applies it to the use of Surface Supplied dive equipment. The diver learns the components of the compressor, the handling of the umbilical lines, communication with the surface, mask maintenance and safe diving techniques.


Commercial Services

Vessel Safety Check                Air Test               Umbilical               Nitrox System 



Hoodsport'N Dive offers a number of Services to assist the Harvest Diver. The services are all designed around Safety. Hoodsport'N Dive will come to your location to pressure test and clean your umbilical lines or run air tests on your compressor. For those wishing to extend their bottom time or reduce the risk of decompression sickness, we offer a custom made Nitrox blending system you can add to your current compressor system.


Training Courses
SSA Full SSA Diver SSA Tender SSA Refresh SSA Experience



We offer five unique programs:

  • SSA Full Program for the beginner with no dive experience.
  • SSA Diver Program Designed for the person with SCUBA experience but wanting to move into Surface Supplied.
  • SSA Tender Designed for the person who does not want to dive, but needs to know how to safely work with a Surface Supplied Diver.
  • SSA Refresh We custom build a class for SSA divers to refresh the skills they have not used recently to keep them safer. This course can take one to two days depending on what the student wants to learn.
  • SSA Experience Are you a SCUBA diver who has wanted the experience of diving a Kirby Morgan Band mask or Helmet? We can put together a short one day course to give you the experience so you understand the feeling of wearing a 32lb helmet in the water and the ability to have clear communications with people on the surface.

Ron Ault

  • 42 years as a commercial / hard hat dive Instructor
  • 6 years as a Naval Diver (Experimental Diving unit and Explosives)
  • 6 years hands on experience as an U/W commercial harvester
  • 10 years hands on experience as an underwater salvage and construction diver
  • Specializing in the Instruction of Commercial Harvesters in the Pacific NW since the early 1990’s
    Ron Ault    

Don Kinney

Don started diving for a public safety dive team in 1990. During this time he was trained in surface supplied diving, helicopter deployment, black water recoveries and dive fatality investigations. He became a dive instructor in 1999 and moved up through the ranks of recreational, Technical and Public Safety dive instruction. He is currently an instructor trainer evaluator. 


Don takes his training as a public safety diver and investigator and applies it to his curriculum. While teaching the SCUBA portion of the course he is able to apply basic dive safety principals, with examples of real life and death situations. Hoping the harvester takes diving seriously without taking safety short cuts. 


During the surface supplied training Don ensures the students use checksheets and understand why they check a specific piece of equipment. Telling a student to do something, without an explanation, breeds non-compliance.  The main purpose of our program is to teach students how to remain safe while using the extensive amount of equipment. Drills are put in place to test that knowledge in a controlled environment. 


We want all our students to leave the training with extensive knowledge of SAFE DIVE practices.