First Course using a Helium Mixture – Dives are to 200’ using 2 stage bottles.

Graduates can make dives requiring long decompression stops and needing expedition quality contingency plans. They are comfortable making advanced equipment selection and know-how to configure and manage additional gear to function well on long dives in local conditions. This gear will include two sling/stage cylinders containing decompression gases. They also fully understand water behaviors dictated by the use of helium in breathing mixes; are competent in using complex gas management calculations and have the ability to create, manage and modify complex decompression schedules and apply them as appropriate to the dive conditions. Graduates should also be familiar with the correct procedures for using a helium/oxygen analyzer to test mixes.

This is a two-day class and consists of 4 dives.

Prerequisites for this course are:

  • 18 years old.
  • Advanced Nitrox / Decompression certified (or equivalent).
  • 100 logged dives.

The following equipment is recommended to bring to the Trimix class.  It is STRONGLY advised that all Trimix students own their technical dive gear at this stage of training.  If you do not have the equipment needed it can be provided for a nominal fee. Please let us know prior to the start of the class so that we can ensure the equipment is available. 

These items are available at Hoodsport ‘N Dive and make sure to ask about our 10% discount offered to any student taking a technical class from Hoodsport ‘N Dive!

  • Dual Cylinders (with regulators)
  • 2 Stage Bottles (at least 40 cubic ft) w/regulators
  • Argon Setup
  • 50lb Lift bag with dump
  • Primary and Backup Light System
  • Dive Reel
  • 7ft Primary Regulator Hose
  • Back-up Mask
  • 2 Dive Computers

Cost: $1000 – The price includes: all books, course material, and registration. The price does not include the student’s dive gasses. If the student can not provide their own gases, dive gas prices are based upon current market rates, and can be discussed prior to the start of the course. 

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